has been launched to serve as a resource for lodges throughout Tennessee, to assist them in assembling casts for degrees and other ritual work.  This new tool will allow Tennessee Masons to create a searchable profile containing not only their contact information, but also what specific parts in the ritual they are capable of performing.

Degree captains who find themselves in need of someone to fill a particular role can log into the site and search the members here for anyone who has indicated proficiency in that part.

In order to participate, you must first register.  Click the "Register" link to the right to begin the process.  Be sure to check mark all of the parts that you know.  Before your account can be activated, the site administrator will need to verify your membership status in a TN lodge.  All contact information will be available to members of this site ONLY, not the general public. is provided as a service to Tennessee Masons by the members of Conlegium Ritus Austeri #779, Nashville.